An E.C. approved facility that is perfectly situated for receiving and processing fresh raw material to ensure best quality Beef Dripping is produced time after time. Today, we employ 35 people at our state of the art, environmentally controlled plant in Belfast. .

The In-take Area, built in 2006, is a modern accessible and fully covered in-take area for the unloading of raw material. All raw material is inspected before processing. This area complies to all environmental legislations.

The Primary Production Area is where all fresh, same-day material, is
processed to an edible oil through the benefits of modern technology,
including mincers, tricanters and separators.

The Bleaching Department is where the traditional yellow dripping is refined and de-odorised into a white dripping using modern bleaching vessels and de-odorisers.

The Packing Department is where Beef Dripping is cooled and either
hot poured into poly-lined boxes or extruded and wrapped using
Blue Paperlike foil and wraparound boxes.
Pack Sizes: 2 x 5kg, 10 kg, 12.5 kg, 25 kg